July 3 - July 21, 2014
Plan 2009 - 2010

Friday August 29, 2014


The leaves are starting to turn already.  Can hardly wait to see them in full colour.














Our new campsite is very roomy as it faces onto a group tent area that so far has not been occupied.













There is a huge fire pit within spitting distance of our rig.  Unfortunately the weather and our health have prevented us from having a camp fire.

Sunday August 31, 2014


We celebrated our 44th Anniversary by staying home and cooking up a feast that included Bruschetta, Shrimp Cocktail, Steak and Pickerel.   Maureen has been fighting a sinus Infection, so a quiet evening home was what the doctor ordered.  Mike brought beautiful flowers to make Maureen feel better, and it sure worked.

Friday September 5, 2014

Francine and Mike came all the way from Zurich (Ontario) to see us in the Soo.  The actual reason for the trip was not a good one.  Francine’s partner (Mike) lost his brother this summer and as they grew up in the Soo, Mike wanted to bring his ashes back “home”. 

 In spite of this sorrow, we had a very good visit.  They stayed in one of the KOA Kamping Kabins and were quite impressed with both the accommodations and the park.

Sunday September 7, 2014


















Bill and Joan tell us that they go out at night and paint the leaves on the trees.
Looks like they have been busy lately.



Percy sure loves them.  Bill gives great cuddles and Joan usually feeds him very tasty biscuits.

Mike went with Bill to the local stock car races this afternoon.  When they got home Mike was not feeling well – looks like he is coming down with a cold.  Good thing that Maureen is over her sinus issues.

Friday September 12, 2014


Mike’s cold seemed to be getting worse, so it was off to the Emergency Department at the Hospital where they made him put on a mask.  This time we had to wait for 6 hours, including an x-ray.  Fortunately it is not pneumonia like he had 2 years ago.  Arrived home after midnight with puffers and nose spray from the pharmacy.

Saturday September 13, 2014



Today Mike stayed home and Bill helped Maureen serve Hot Dogs at noon and Ice Cream in the afternoon to raise funds for Kids Care Camps.  The weather was not the best, but the sun did come out a few times to cheer us on.




Wednesday September 17, 2014

About 30 student volunteers from the local College spent the morning working on trails, filling in pot holes and general pick-up duties.  Mike and I were in charge of feeding them lunch before they headed back to class.  A great bunch of young people with big appetites.

Friday September 19, 2014


























The night time temperature dipped below freezing earlier this week, so the trees are really putting on a show.  Very few kids in the park now, but lots of older travellers staying for a night or two.  Many are from Germany and other European countries.















Maureen continues to work on the gardens.  It is a never ending, but very rewarding chore.  These flowers are so bloomin’ heavy that they form a canopy over the sidewalk.

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